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Elmo's Pet Dinosaur | Sesame Street Full Episode

Elmo loves dinosaurs! In this full episode, Elmo is wishing he could have his own pet dinosaur to take care of and love! But dinosaurs lived a long time ago and ...

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Sesame Street: As The World Takes Turns with Telly and Zoe | #Throwback Thursday

Telly and Zoe both want Gordon's help at the same time! Gordon teaches Telly and Zoe that by taking turns he will be able to give them both the help they need.

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Dinosaur on Sesame Street | Sesame Street Full Episode

In this full episode, Herb the Dinosaur is learning new things on Sesame Street and nobody can believe their eyes! -- Subscribe to the Sesame Street Channel ...

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Elmo and Zoe Play The Letter P Game | Sesame Street Full Episode

In this full episode, Elmo and Zoe are trying to find things that start with the letter P. Abby tries to help by poofing in different characters but now she has to figure ...

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Sesame Street: Repair Monster | Elmo the Musical

Mr. Halfini the Magician is splitting everything in the park in half! ! But thankfully Elmo the Repair Monster is here to fix everything! Elmo will use his hammer, glue ...

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Elmo's Furry Red Monster Parade | Sesame Street Full Episode

In this full episode, Elmo is putting on a parade! But when Zoe, Big Bird, and others want to join Elmo has to keep changing his parade song to include everyone.

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The Mysterious Cookie Thief | Sesame Street Full Episode

Everyone's cookies are disappearing! In this full Sesame Street episode, everyone assumes Cookie Monster is the one taking their cookies. Now Cookie ...

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Sesame Street: A to Z Songs | Letter of the Day Compilation

Jump up and dance with Elmo and all the Sesame Street friends! Learn the letters of the alphabet with this compilation of the Sesame Street Letter of the Day ...

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Sesame Street: Superhero | Elmo the Musical

An evil super villain is planning to close down the playground, but have no fear Mighty Elmo is here. Mighty Elmo will save the day because he is not just the ...

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All for a Song | Sesame Street Full Episode

Big Bird and Elmo are singing about two friends! In this full episode, when Abby wants to join in on their singing, Big Bird and Elmo have to come up with a new ...

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Sesame Street: Fur Song with Elmo, Zoe, Grover, and Herry

Elmo, Zoe, Grover, and Herry love their different kinds of fur! It makes them unique, unforgettable, and most of all, special! -- Subscribe to the Sesame Street ...

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Sesame Street: Learn About Animals with Elmo! | Elmo at the Zoo Compilation

Join Elmo as he explores the San Diego Zoo and learns about all the different zoo animals! Enjoy over 20 minutes of fuzzy, furry, and adorable animal fun!

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The Search for Elmo's Costume | Sesame Street Full Episode

Prairie Dawn and her friends are putting on a play! In this full episode, Rosita, Zoe and Telly are dressed as their favorite healthy foods but Elmo can't find his!

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Elmo's Amazing Alphabet Race | Sesame Street Full Episode

Elmo loves his ABC's! In this full episode, Elmo is on an Amazing Race to find all the letters of the alphabet on Sesame Street before time runs out! Can Elmo ...

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The Worm Winter Games | Sesame Street Full Episode

In this full episode from Sesame Street, Slimey competes against worms from all over the world in the first ever Worm Winter Games and Oscar is his coach!

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Sesame Street: Murray Visits a Recycling Center | Murray Had a Little Lamb

Murray and Ovejita are learning what happens to plastic after it gets recycled! Things that are recycled can even be made into something new. Join Murray and ...

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Sesame Street: Airplane Pilot | Elmo the Musical

Elmo has four hours to fly Miss Penguin to the South Pole to her wedding, but they have pick up all the bridesmaids along the way! Will Elmo be able to help get ...

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Sesame Street: Letter K (Letter of the Day)

The letter of the day is K! So many adventures can begin with the letter K, like pretending you're a jumping kangaroo or a royal king! You can kick a ball, fly a kite, ...

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Sesame Street: Elmo Teaches Abby How to Blow Bubbles

Abby's learning how to blow bubbles! She thinks bubbles are so magical, but she's never made them before. Don't worry, Elmo's here to teach Abby what to do.

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Sesame Street: Feist sings 1,2,3,4

Feist loves counting 1, 2, 3, 4 - counting to the number four. For more fun games and videos for your preschooler in a safe, child-friendly environment, visit us at ...

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Sesame Street: Spring Songs Compilation | Elmo's Butterfly Friend and more!

Celebrate the new season with this compilation of songs about spring including Elmo's Butterfly Friend, The Flower Song, Elmo's Jumping in Puddles, and more!

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Sesame Street: Elmo, Tori Kelly and more sing about kindness! | Songs about Kindness

Dance and sing along with Elmo, Tori Kelly, Aloe Blacc, and all your favorite Sesame Street friends in this compilation of songs about kindness, including Try a ...

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Sesame Street: Elmo's World: Penguins

What is Elmo thinking about today? Waddle along with Elmo and learn all about penguins! What do they look like? What can they do? Can you pretend to be a ...

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Sesame Street: Elmo's Song | Animated Lyric Video

La La La La! It's everything you love about the Sesame Street classic, Elmo's Song, in an all new animated version with lyrics! Try it with your own name!

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Sesame Street: Sing the Alphabet Song!

Having trouble with your ABC's? Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird have it all figured out for you. See all the Sesame Street Muppets sing the Alphabet Song!

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Sesame Street: Let's Go Driving with Elmo and Taye Diggs with Lyrics | Elmo's Sing Along Series

It's sing-along time! Elmo and Taye Diggs are imagining that they're going for a drive in a car! Follow along to the lyrics on the screen to \

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Sesame Street: Elmo Learns from Grover | Telegram Delivery Training

Elmo is learning from Grover how to deliver a telegram! But it is hard work! There's singing and dancing and some jumping around too! -- Subscribe to the ...

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Sesame Street: Super Grover Teaches Elmo to Fly | #ThrowbackThursday

Elmo Super Monster is trying to fly up up and away and who better to teach him how than Super Grover! -- Subscribe to the Sesame Street Channel here: ...

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Sesame Street: Two Friends of Two Song with Lyrics | Elmo's Sing-Along Series

Follow the lyrics on the screen as Elmo and Abby sing about all the wonderful things the number two can be! -- Subscribe to the Sesame Street Channel here: ...

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Sesame Street: Elmo Pretends to be a Chicken

Elmo pretends to be a chicken while showing how great is to have not only some similarities but some differences too! -- Subscribe to the Sesame Street ...

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Sesame Street S46E05


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Sesame Street: Elmo Wants to Play Ball with Abby!

Elmo and Abby learn how to share the same toy and take turns playing with it in different ways! -- Subscribe to the Sesame Street Channel here: ...

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Sesame Street: Usher's ABC Song

Do you know your ABCs? Do you need someone to teach them to you? You're in luck, because that's just what Usher is going to do! Subscribe to the Sesame ...

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Sesame Street: The Bird Family Song | Kermit News

Kermit is interviewing a young bird that lives in two trees! Her mom lives in one tree and her dad in another but even though they live in different places, both ...

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Sesame Street: Bikes, Trains, Planes, and Cars!

Do you love riding in your mom's car? Do you like flying across the country to see your granny? Do you like to ride your tricycle on brisk fall day? Then this video ...

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Sesame Street: Sesame Street Gets Through a Storm | Full Episode

The Gang works together to clean up after a hurricane makes a mess on Sesame Street. Natural disasters can be scary, especially to young children. Watch this ...

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Sesame Street: Underwater Bowling | Super Grover 2.0

Somewhere under the sea an octopus and a shrimp are trying to bowl but their bowling pins keep floating away. Super Grover 2.0 shows up to help find a ...

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Sesame Street: Pentatonix Counts (& Sings) to Five

Nobody has ever counted to five as beautifully and harmoniously as Pentatonix has. Make sure to check out their backstage mashup of \

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Sesame Street Episode 3947 (FULL)


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